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As an emerging singer-songwriter, Many Rooms is Kristen Noel's debut album. Kristen's love of music is passionately expressed through her soulful vocals and intimate lyrics. She feels people will relate to the songs because they speak to the unified experience in our human condition - that of love, heartache, loss, and healing.

One song particularly close to her heart "Watch Over Me" was written in memory of her father who unexpectedly passed away in 2006. His inspiration and light in her life can be felt by the prayer-like lyrics.

Although not a track on the CD, the title Many Rooms expresses a universal theme in Kristen's songs. It symbolizes our soul's journey of life, and the "many rooms" or experiences and complexities which shape our identity.

Kristen commenced songwriting the summer of 2011 as a means to navigate through life. She approached her process with vulnerability, honesty, and an open heart. As a result, not only did she inspire but gained a much greater self-awareness. This is clearly heard in her raw passion and lyrics throughout the album.

Many Rooms was humbly produced in the living room of Kristen's one bedroom home in Laguna Beach, California. She first met friend and Grammy Award Winning producer, Larry Mitchell, through her vocal coach.There was an immediate connection, and the two began to collaborate. He encouraged her to write a song a day no matter how challenging the process. Larry's unique talent for producing, engineering, and recording is evident in all eight tracks of the album which blends a soulful folk and eclectic sound brilliantly with the indie artist's melancholic tones.

The Southern California native began singing at a young age but recently started writing music and playing acoustic guitar. After graduating from Chapman University with a Masterʼs Degree in Special Education, she has been teaching kids with disabilities for the past fifteen years, while just recently pursuing her career in music.

“I love being a teacher. I love being an artist and expressing my passion through singing and songwriting. I hold both sacred and am blessed to be able to teach and create music.”